About us

Kiej de los Bosques is the company that exports products made by rural companies, to over 14 countries in the world, under the brand Wakami. Wakami are bracelets, necklaces, accessories that tell stories about us, the people of the Earth. Products are designed with two important premises: they are inspired in the global fashion trends, and they can be produced by rural women.

Kiej is currently working with 17 rural companies, based in 9 of the 22 departments of Guatemala. 12 of these companies are integrated by rural women, who in their majority are mothers. 5 of these are integrated by young people who want to pay their way t high school and be able to attend college, while also giving support to their families. Currently, all the Wakami productive businesses are based in Guatemala. However, we have started to work with Chispas de Amor in Panama, which will be in charge of directing the first collection of Wakami Products made by women in the Darien Province of Panama. What we love at Kiej is that through the Wakami Value Chain, or the Wakami Connection, rural communities have a source of income, being able to transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity!!!